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My family and I have an unconventional food lifestyle that we follow. We're kind of a mesh between being raw foodies and paleo foodies. I suppose you could call our food lifestyle more of a primal lifestyle. We forage, we try to eat local and in season (except for my crazy love for tropical fruits, I blame the Cuban in me), and we try to eat foods that have been humanly grown and harvested. 

We don't eat many grains, GMO-infested foods, processed foods, & refined sugars. We eat meat sparingly because we only eat meat that is local, GMO-free, free ranged, and humanly raised. 

My son, Big A, really doesn't eat any meat (his choice) and is pretty much entirely a raw foodie. He thrives on that kind of a food lifestyle and has never had any issues with gaining and keeping weight or growing. 

I try to make foods fun. If I'm making a broccoli smoothie, I try to make it look like something fun, like a chocolate milkshake. Making food look fun and tasty, while still being healthy, is a great way to stick with your healthy goals.

Comfort Food

BBQ Black Bean Burgers

Lactation Goodies

Raw Food Bliss

A Team Approved Meals (Kid-Friendly)

Banana Split Pancakes

Crock Pot Night




Soup Night


Meal Plans 

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