Newcomb Apothecary

Along with being a blogger and freelance writer, I am also a herbalist and Etsy shop owner. With my Etsy shop, Newcomb Apothecary, I sell handcrafted organic herbal goodies. I specialize in tea blends, herbal infused oils, tinctures, herb pillows, herbal massage oils, and so much more.

Many of the herbs I use are grown organically by me or wildcrafted locally from pesticide-free locations. If I cannot forage or grow an herb I need, I order them from Mountain Rose Herbs or try to find a local organic herb farmer.

A large majority of the packaging I use is from repurposed and recycled materials.

As an unjobber and WAHM, this shop is one of the ways I make a living. I do not make any money directly from this blog, because I dislike annoying my readers with pop ups and flashy advertisements of things that they're probably just not interested in. Instead, I will occasionally advertise my Etsy store and some of my freelance work and ask my readers to check them out if they would like to support me and what I do.

I try to maintain an honest and helpful blog, which has led me to decide to do away with all of my ads.

So, if you are interested in one of the ways I bring in a paycheck for my family, check out my Etsy store! If you have any questions about the shop, or would like to place a special order, feel free to message me on here, on my Facebook page, or on my shop.

Blessed be!

-Danie Newcomb


You can find my Etsy shop here and the Facebook page for my Etsy shop here.

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Newcomb Apothecary

Newcomb Apothecary
An Organic Herbal Apothecary Owned and Operated by Danie Newcomb (Frugal Hippie Housewife)