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Welcome to The Frugal Hippie Housewife - a blog dedicated to helping you and your family live a healthy, frugal, hippie life.

My name is Danie. I am mommy to Aaron (a.k.a. Big A), Autumn (a.k.a. Little a) and wife to Eric (a.k.a. Viking Man).  We live in a small town in Arkansas where everyone knows each other, no matter how badly you wish you didn't know some of them.

My family and I try to live a healthy and natural lifestyle; this includes how we eat, dress, & work. My family and I utilize herbal and holistic remedies to treat our ills, aches, and whatever else is bothering us. We believe in using modern medicine, but we also realize that many of our ailments can be treated naturally at home or with a trained holistic medical practitioner.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive if you don't know where to look and who to talk to. This blog will cover mine and my family's experiences with trying to live a healthy lifestyle on a very tight budget.                                
This blog will also cover my family's homeschooling journey. We are currently following a Waldorf/Unschooling approach. I will provide information on how to keep toddlers busy and learning, how to setup a rhythm and stick with it, and resources that make homeschooling practically free.

A Little Bit About Me...

I grew up on a farm and was very active in things like 4-H, sports, and homeschool groups.

I was homeschooled K-12, attended college for 2 years, and homeschool my little munchkins. 
I never planned on being a frugal mama, but frugality kind of landed on my lap while my husband was in the Navy.

I'm a candle addict... especially for herbal beeswax candles *swoons*. 
Here's a pic of my brother and I living life on the farm. Aren't we adorable!?

I call my husband Viking Man because he's of Scandinavian ancestry (with a healthy dose of Native American ancestry). And because he's really obsessed with Vikings for some reason.

I plan for all of my children's names to begin with an A so I can have my own little A Team (cheesy, I know). 

I'm studying to become a Master Herbalist. 

I would like to have around 5 kiddos. Of course, I have to convince my husband of this first. Or maybe he wont notice 3 extra munchkins running around... but I doubt it. 

I started blogging as a way to keep my sanity when my husband was in the Navy and worked crazy hours. Now I do it because I enjoy it and it's nice to bring in a little extra income. 

My favorite things to do when I have spare time (HAH!) are: browse Pinterest, window (or screen) shop cloth diapers and baby wraps, and look up organizational ideas that I will probably never implement.

How I Became "The Frugal Hippie Housewife"

When my husband was in the Navy, things were pretty tight. They became even tighter when we found out we were pregnant with Big A - who was a complete surprise. I began learning how to cook and began making my own deodorant to help us save money. At this point, I didn't really consider myself a frugal hippie. After all, I was still eating at Five Guys nearly every day.

When Big A was 1 month old, we became very tired of purchasing disposable diapers. We broke down and invested in some Kawaii brand cloth diapers. This was probably mine and Viking Man's wake up call to realizing that we were becoming frugal hippies.

Viking Man's service with the Navy ended when Big A was around 5 months old. He opted out of reenlisting, and we decided to move back to my home state of Arkansas. My poor Yankee husband was in for a treat when we moved to Arkansas in the middle of July... talk about a heat stroke! Personally, I had missed the hot summers, however, Viking Man still hasn't gotten used to them and talks regularly about moving back to New England *sighs*.

When we moved to Arkansas, we learned pretty quickly that Viking Man's training in the Navy didn't really help him much in the civilian world. He found a job at a local grocery store, thankfully, but things grew even tighter.

Natural parenting... Big A likes to go a bit "free"
We ended up moving into an apartment within 2 miles from the store that Viking Man worked at. We stopped driving our car and canceled our car insurance. We also dropped our cell phone plan (but have since purchased a home phone), stopped eating out, and began walking everywhere that we had to go. This is still our routine today.

Things have started getting a little better. We've learned to save where we can. All-in-all, we're healthier and more active than we've ever been before. We walk everywhere, I cook all of our meals, and we spend more time together as a family and less time watching HBO. Would it be nice if things weren't so tight? Of course! But for the mean time, being a frugal hippie housewife has worked out just fine for me and my family.


I am an unjobber, or a WAHM (work-at-home-mom). I work from home so that I am able to raise my children and homeschool them. A great deal of my work is freelance, but my family and I also rely on bartering and other means to make ends meet. If you're interested in how to become a WAHM/Unjobber, visit my Unjobber page here. If you're interested in finding out ways you can support my family and I, check out this page.


If you would like to contact me, I can be found on my Facebook page, Twitter, or you can email me at danienewcomb at gmail dot com.



Newcomb Family Photos

Big A's first snow.

Warning! We're a tad bit nerdy.

Life ain't complete without chubby baby feet!

Little a's got one heck of a smile... when you can get her to smile. She's kind of a grumpy butt. 

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